Tampa boasts of vibrant nightlife, fun social joints, and strip clubs. The Tampa Gold Club hosts multiple events, and bachelor parties stand out. Organizing a bachelor’s party in the Tampa Gold Club is a sure way to savor a thrilling experience, thanks to our gorgeous girls.

There is a trick, though! If it is your first time at a strip club, you may make blunders that can ruin your party experience. To avoid this, we share tips to guide first-timers at Tampa’s leading gentlemen’s club, Tampa Gold Club.

Get the Most from Your First Gentlemen’s Club Experience

The Tampa Gold Club offers memorable bachelor parties in Tampa, FL, and neighboring cities such as Brandon, FL, and Bloomingdale. Our clients always have a blast in our private rooms. Top of this, we have different packages to cater to all budgets. 

Get the most out of our fantastic deals and enjoy the best party experience in Tampa’s leading strip club. Let us learn what to expect and how to behave the first time at a strip club.

Cash for Royal Treatment

 Tipping is standard in strip clubs, and Tampa Gold Club is no exception. When going to a strip club, carry enough cash with you. Who knows? You may need to tip the hottest girls on the dance floor. You may also want to appreciate the bartender or the waitress for exceptional services. 

That is not all; having cash saves some bucks on credit card fees. Most strip clubs offer ATMs and many other financial services at a cost. Save yourself the trouble by having enough cash.

Appreciate Your Performer

Tampa Gold Club is synonymous with the hottest girls in Hillsborough County. It is not easy to resist the choreographed moves by our trained strippers. It is then advisable to appreciate the best performance by our hot girls at the strip club.

Tip them on stage and off stage. Walk to the dance floor and tip the girls while in action; this will enhance your first time at a strip club experience. Also, hand tips as the girls walk around or stuff some dollars on their undies. Clients can also tip for private dances but should not touch the girls. Learn more about our tipping regulations from our friendly staff.

Respect the Privacy of All Performers

 Photos speak volumes, and we all want to reminisce about the good moments. Clients may wish to capture the best moments with our hot girls and may want to take some pictures. However, it is prohibited to take photos in the gentlemen’s club. 

We have a no-picture policy to ensure optimal privacy for all our performers. However, the floor hosts can help take pictures of you and your friends as long they do not include images of the girls.

Sample our Delicacies and Feed Your Hunger!

A few drinks and flavorful food will complement the stunning performance at the gentlemen’s club. This is why we offer a wide variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. 

Order some drinks and sample our sumptuous dishes from our steakhouse.

A hearty meal will up your energy levels as you wait for hot performances by our exquisite dancers. Check our dining options from our steakhouse. We offer delicious appetizers, uncommon in the entire Tampa region.

Enjoy the Live Entertainment from Tampa’s Hottest Girls – Day or Night!

 Gentlemen’s clubs are famous for their nighttime fun activities. At Tampa Gold Club, we offer the best first-time at a strip club experience, but we have much more. An example is our unique menu which includes an extensive variety of delectable food and appetizers.

Top on our menu are;

  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Quesadillas 
  • Buffalo Cauliflower Bites
  • Chicken Wings
  • Hearty burgers
  • Mouth-watering steaks

 We stock top-notch yet reasonably priced drinks in the area. These are available during our business hours. Visit us from Mondays to Saturdays from 11.30 AM to 3 AM and enjoy your favorite drinks and tasty meals.

Take Advantage of Package Deals

We offer the best VIP packages to spruce up your Gold Club experience. Only notify us when you are coming, and let us handle everything to make that memorable event. Check out our VIP packages;


Experience the Best VIP Treatment at Tampa Gold Club

Is it your first time planning a bachelor’s party in Tampa and unsure where to begin? Tampa Gold Club has you sorted. We offer the hottest strip club experience in Tampa, FL. Our girls are highly trained, and their choreographed dance moves will leave your blood pumping. Fill out our contact form to inquire about our premium services and VIP packages.

Image Source: Eugen Haag / Shutterstock

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